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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  February 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> burning down there, i guess. >> oh. that's great stuff. that's what's making you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> the same sex marriage bill passes both the house and senassate. what he up next for the bill. congress picking up thebirth control debate even though they are not in session. the school at the center of the injury sandusky scandal has been subpoenaed by the court. what prosecutors are asking for and who else could be the target of a subpoena. those stories are ahead. it's friday i am megan sprinkle. >> i am charley crowson. it could be a wet start to the friday across maryland. lynette. >> good morning. we did get showers earlier this
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morning. and then that's going to continue into the afternoon. we have a little break right now but check out what we have because i am calling this grab bag friday. put something into a hat and pick up the weather because we have a high wind watch and a wind advisory and 15 to 20 above average again for today. and more showers and storms are possible and we will have the temperatures falling so this is what it look like right now. here's wind advisory for the area shaded in this grayish color and it goes into effect at 3 today until midnight. and than we look at high wind watch and this is for the areas shaded in the orangeish yellow color but good morning we made it through the week. >> good morning. you are right lynette. it's looking like a light friday. we made it to friday and things are off to an excellent start. as you head out the door, here is what we have in store for you. in terms of traffic, no delays to report so far this morning off to an excellent start. we will start off with a look at i-95. just as you head down towards
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the beltway on the southwest side this is between the fort mack tunnel and the beltway. not looking bad on i-695 west of the city looks great. quiet at 695 and baltimore national pike. and if anything changes we will tweet the changes follow us on twitter at marled traffic. charley and -- maryland traffic. charley and megan. it's a big day in maryland. second time was the charm. >> state law makers approved same sex marriage and sherrie johnson is here with details. >> reporter: state law makers aproved same -- approved the same sex mearnlg bill. after last year's failed -- marriage bill. after last year's failed attempt this puts maryland on the path to become the 8th state to approve same sex marriage. it was hours of debate. last year the measure failed to come to a vote in the house but last week, the same sex marriage narrowly passed the
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house. there were amendments on the table to make the polls more likable to opponents but all were shot down. >> we have two men getting married and you have certain qualifications in here that say a husband will get this right and a wife will get that right. which spouse will apply to which category here? >> i believe maiming is between a -- marriage is between a husband and wife. >> reporter: opponents must gather just over 55,#00 signatures to get -- 55,700 on the ballot. right now it is head for the govern -- headed for the governor's desk. many of you have sound off about same sex marriage and we have over 85 likes and 17 shares and 29 comments and both for and against and, of course, we encourage you to sound off and tell us what you think. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 4:33. and new this morning, we are
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hearing from maryland congressman elijah cummings who attended the late hest event in the birth -- latest event in the birth control debate. the democrats say it's critical for women's health and republicans say that it stomping on religious freedom. the event held yesterday started with testimony from a woman who was not needed for the gop hearing last week and that hearing had a witness table of all men. >> if it were a hearing on prostate cancer, and there was a lineup of women and no men, i guarantee you men would not have stuck around. because they would have said to themselves, you know, come on give me a break. >> he told stories about friends whose health problems worsened because catholic institutions didn't coverage the bills. gas prices president obam a
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dressed the rises on thursday in miami. in florida he promoted his energy agenda including solar nuclear and biofuel energy and used the opportunity to talk about republican opponents. republican presidential candidate newt gingrich promised $2 per gallon if elected. >> you can bet that since it's an election year they are dusting off the 3 point plan for $2 gas. and i will save you the suspension. step one is to drill and step two is to drill and then step three is to keep drilling. >> the president's remarks come as the average price for a gallon of gas nationwide $3.56. here in baltimore it's 3.62. we are learning more about a federal subpoena for penn state university that university received the subpoena in connection with the jerry sandusky investigation thursday. he is accused of molesting boys
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in some cases on the penn state campus. the subpoena named a charity found by san desky and the university and three administrators. a juror is speaking out about the recommended sentence handed down after helping to convict george huguely in the death of yeardley love. he spoke yesterday about the trial and it end on wednesday evening. jury gave huguely a recommended sentence of 26 years in prison. virginia has no parole but it has what's called truth in sentencing that law that automatically cuts sentences down to 85% of the original total. this means the actual sentence would mean about 22 years minus two years he served. right now he is 24 years old and he could be out of prison by the time he is 45. >> i feel for him. he bears responsibility for
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what happened. and i wish we weren't put in that situation to make that judgment. >> huguely will officially be sentenced on april 16th. and tune into good morning maryland at 5 and 6 this morning to hear more from that juror who is speaking out about the trial. private first class brady manning has deferred the plea to charges that he made the leak in the classified information wouldn't biggest in u.s. history. he appeared in court on thursday and also put out the decision on whether he will be tried in a military jury or a judge alone. a trial date has not been set. if convicted he could face life in prison. two balmmore attorneys are making -- baltimore attorneys are making news after filing a lawsuit against facebook. they filed the suit in captain. california claiming facebook used online tracking to monitor users even when they are not on the site. crews will dig you have tanks from a underground spill
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on the ground of south side academy thursday. official say the diesel fuel leak was caused by a faulty pump on a fuel tank. no word on if the school day will be impacted in anyway. milk is blamed on making people sick in four states. >> this morning where the tainted milk is found and the warning that's coming from health officials. plus, snow falling in one area causing big problems. that's an empty airport. what commuters can expect when they try to take to the friendlyskies and your forecast and details on the commute coming up in 2 1/2 minutes. you are watching good morning maryland. >> snow expected in chicago. we have more details on "good morning maryland" we will be right back.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. news time 4:30 and four feet of snow in three days are the snow numbers people in colorado are dealing with a new
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storm that he had way projected for around wednesday. ski resorts will receive another foot of snow today and no complaints there thoughch the ski slopes have been quite crowded in the past few days. and in chicago, commuters facing a nasty commute this morning forcasters are predicting 7 inches before traffic starts moving. it's not just the roads o'hare international airport canceled more than 300 flightsch ones still flying are delayed up to a 30 minutes. so you can think about that situation inform you are feeling jealous because of the snowfall. sometimes it creates problems. but lynette who could complain yesterday it was so beautiful. >> it was. and today, temperature wise, well, we will get to 70 degrees today. that's what i am forecasting. so, nice there but we have lots going on. we have high winds to talk about. but the satellite and radar picking up on heavy snows you talked about into chicago and midwest. upper midwest more of that and all that extends into portion of new york as well. now the sattelite and radar
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closer to home we are having the clouds and we had one round of showers work through but we do have another round of showers and thunderstorms that will push through as we go through this morning and linger going into the afternoon. so it's going to be a pretty busy day on tap. temperatures this morning mild once again around 43 in aber done and mid-40s in baltimore. let's check of the traffic with angela. good morning. it looks like some folks are trying to get a quick start to the weekend. a lot of the overnight work zones cleared especially on i- 95 at charles street. all lanes opened and traveling near the tunnels you are good to go there as well. a quick tour of the beltway, we are on the southeast side at bw parkway moving well on both loops. west side 695 at old court road good to go between i-83 and i- 95. now back to you. >> lawmakers in a california school district need to clean up a 6 million dollar deficit.
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>> how. and how blood tests can determine how long your love life will last. we have details on that ahead.
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news time 4:44. this morning elijah cummings will present a check to the baltimore housing it's program. money is from the neighbor works america, a organization established to create affordable housing and community development across the u.s. dutch ruppeersberger will welcome a germany based shipping giant to the port of baltimore that's expected to bring about 255 new jobs to baltimore. the ceremony is 10:30 this morning. john edwards rielle hunter settled a lawsuit between her and edwards former aid and the judge order the sex tape be destroyed within a month. a trial of a former rutgers student used to use -- used a
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webcam to spy on his roommate is set to start. attorneys for dr. conrad murray will ask for his release while his appeal in the death of michael jackson will be decided. news time 4:46. and there may be no such thing as a free lunch but there's a thing like a free breakfast. megan is standing by with more with the freebie friday. >> we are talking about pancakes. you can get free pancakes. it's one of the deals you can find on the website. so this is what you do. go to under the lifestyle section or on the home page and find it. free sample mama deals of the week. she gives the information and we pass it along. i mentioned pancakes. scroll down and find the information on the 28th. i hop is saying come over and get free pancakes in celebration of national pancake day and send the donations to children's miracle network. scroll down and find other
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things. if you like tide on facebook they will give you a free sample and that's another thing and this is for you if i have get off the web page. if you go to free sample mama chuck e. cheese tokens for free. a lot if you are a parent this week so. check it out if you have kids and looking for something to do this weekend. >> thanks. in health news this morning, the raw milk connected with the pennsylvania dairy farm sickened two more people. dozens have been sicked in four states including -- sickened in four states including maryland. two people in new jersey have fallen ill one a 3-year-old boy. the family cow deary resumed bottle after they voluntarily shut down. people who suffer migraines may be suffering emotionally. researchers from the bringham women's hospital in boston looked at data for more than 36,000 women and found the connection between migraines and depression. experts say over the age of 14
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years, women with migraines were 40% more likely to be defreesed -- depressed. a stroke is something you worry about as an adult but doctors say strokes are morecommon in kids than previously thought. strokes in kids leek adults can strike without -- like adults can strike without warning. doctors say pediatric strokes are caused by different reasons than adults. >> for kids we see kids who have either some type of bloodies order or they have a cardiac condition. and in adults it's in patients who have arteries and plaque buildup. >> ep leapt leepsy may develop in the child who sur epilepsy may develop in a child who survives a stroke. researchers have found the level of objectiony toesen
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known as the cuddle checks cal in a person's blood holds the answers. so sign tests tested more than 150 people in their 20s and tested their blood six months later. couples together with the same people with the highest levels of that chemical in their blood when first tested. something to keep in mind. today the susan g. komen foundation host the conference for young women affected by breast cans taking place in new orleans -- cancer taking place in new orleans beginning today through sunday. the 36 annual american craft council show will be at the baltimore convention center. it will have a new category and you will find furniture and jewelry. 4:49. crime news. a parkville man is accused of impersonating a virginia state police trooper a baltimore county officer spotted him speeding last month. when he pulled him over, he was wearing a virginia state
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trooper uniform. well, emergency lights a laptop and siren and video recorder were found but he is not a trooper. >> police need your help eye dipt fying a man responsible for -- identifying a man responsible for stealing credit cards a woman called police last month with a report someone broke into her suv. her credit card were stolen and used at three gats stations-- gas stations. horrible. i am so worried about my kids. >> a teacher accused of using racial remarks to 8th grade students will be allow back -- shall allowed back to schoolp she was suspend after telling a male student in her 8th grade class to go back to mexico. support he is say it was a frustrated slip of the tongue and the student had behavioral problems. >> the school board condones
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racial remarks by the teachers. that's disturbing. >> officials say she will not be going back to the same classroom, though. all right. one sit is trying to curb a 6 million dollar deficit and it may mean the end to kindergarten at 17 schools. parents are upset at the possibility of cutting a full year of kindergarten and placing students in first grade classes that they may not be ready for. school trustees are discussing one option including chosing a high school and elementary school and the other would save nearly 4 million by eliminating kindergarten. police are on the hunt for five suspects who robbed an at&t store in miami. someone backed the car through the front door. the thieves had been seen on the video going through cabinets and drawers and they know they made off with at least one lap stop. investigators in harford connecticut are trying to figure out who sent a suspicious piece of mail to the
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office of joe lieberman. lieberman was not in the building. packages have been sent to media outlets. authorities say each later contains a suspicious powdery substance which has proved to be harmless. the postal service wants to cut 35,000 jobs in may and juneand some may be eliminated in maryland. this is close plants in gaithers burg and waldorf. this may be less being sent out and people and businesses switch to internet to pay bills on lines. temperatures have been in the #0s and snow d.-- 60s and snow lovers are feeling disappointed but despite the mild weather most of the snow removal money is gone. state highway administration in maryland says it spent 30 million of its 36 million snow removal budget this winter. crews have been called out 14times this winter and they
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needed to salt and flow on -- plow on two or three occasion. now a check of the forecast. no need to salt or plowism stopped outside and thought, -- plow. i stopped outside and thought it is february 23rd. >> a lot of people did that. today we could get to 70. >> amazing. >> a warm front is moving through. but we will get very blustery. we have watches and warnings up so i want to get to that. because we are looking at winds and they are not so bad. this is what we have been used to all week. the winds at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. right now, we have a northerly component but once they switch off to the south and west, once that warm front rolls through the area, and i say later this morning into the afternoon that will happen, that's when we are going to get a little bit on the breezy side and especially once the cold front passes through. so, satellite and radar we had the first round of showers work through the area this morning. that was ahead of that warm front and now we are looking back off towards the west here into west virginia. you are seeing scattered
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showers and thunderstorms as well. that's going to push into the area as we go into later in the morning and we will have another round of showers and storms this afternoon. so, it's going to be a very busy day on tap for us and behind that cold front, oh, boy, the winds are going to pick up. so, right now, we have a high wind warning in effect for carroll county and frederick county. that goes into effect at 3:00 this afternoon. and then we have a wind advisory in effect for everybody else. so, just be prepared for what's to come for today. right now, there's the warm front pushing through later today. and then we had the cold front that's going to move through and that's what's going to make things a little bit on the blustery side. and also, can't rule out a rumble of thunder. get the clashing of the air masses some thunderstorms possible. now the future trend pick up on the fact we will continue the chance for some showers as we go into afternoon. you can see that right around 3:00 this. by today, right around 70 degrees before the temperatures really start to drop off.
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tonight's temperature coming in right around 38 degrees and will turn colder and get blustery outside and tomorrow, here at 7-day forecast for you as we look at 48 degrees so we still will be wendy as we go into saturday. and much cool are but yoi know -- you know, that's seasonable temperatures. let's check traffic with angela. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning everyone. we are off to an excellent start. for the friday morning drive, let's hope the morning starts great for you. out on the roadway, we have had to look at beltway. let's look at some of the other routes. starting with i-83. a live look at 83 and shawan. we are trouble free on the harrisburg expressway. no incidents or accidents to warn you about there. let's get a look at u.s. 50. 50 at sandy point. looking pretty good especiallywestbound crossing over the bay bridge. in terms of delays or accidents you are good to go on 50. making the drive through annapolis all the way to i-97. megan over to you.
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they may have been second class citizens and treated as such. >> stay with us. what hundreds and hundreds of people disabled people tried to do to reach the president's office in bolivia. what officials in argentina says may have caused a train to crash. we will look at that when we come around the world. a little closer to home, that's a live look at nation's capitol. good morning maryland continues in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. around the world an apology from president obama has done little to ease the tensions in afghanistan. this is due to the apparent burning of qurans at a nato air base. today is the 4th day of protest and nato says a gunman killed two u.s. troops yesterday in and it was not at the base where the holy books were burned. in bolivia hundreds
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protested and demanding equal rights for those with disabilities. they were on crutches or wheelchairs trying to reach the presidential palace when scuffles with police began. the group has been protesting for 100 days. an update to the commuter train crash in buenos aires. they believe there were problems with the brakes of the train. police are investigating the death toll up to 50 people with 6 76 injured. today marks day two of a government initiated mourning period. a fire destroyed nearly a thousand bamboo shacks at a camp in myanmar. it destroyed about a 5th of the homes in the encampment. a number of people suffered fromburns. official say the fire spread because the shacks are highly nammable especially in dry weather. it took an hour and half to get the fire under control. now "good morning maryland." maryland is on track to become the 8th state


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